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Service order form for Outokumpu mobile device repairs

This service order form is for Outokumpu IT support agents to place service requests to company mobile devices. Please fill out the service order form below with as much information as possible to make sure the service process can be performed as efficiently as possible.
Once mcare has received and processed the service order, You will receive a case-specific order number and instructions on how to proceed to during the service process.

Please follow these instructions before opening a Service Order

1. Backup data on the device
During the repair process all data on the device is removed and cannot be recovered. Please make sure all cloud backup is enabled or perform a backup to a computer.
2. Remove Apple Find-my-iPhone or Google Account from the device
Repair cannot be performed if a device has Apple Find-my-iPhone (FMI) or a Google Account enabled. All devices with these active are returned as-is and a handling fee may be invoiced.
3. Reset device to factory settings
All devices must be reset to factory settings before sending to be repaired.
Untitled checkboxes field
If emptying the device is not possible for some reason, you can always send the device for repair by selecting [ X ] to the check box above and the device will be emptied during the repair process automatically without any notification.
Please note: Repair may not be possible to perform if these steps have not been followed and a handling fee may be invoiced.